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History of Indian Spices

From time immemorial, India has been considered as the “Spice Bowl of the World”. The history of Indian spices is almost as old as the ‘human civilization of Spices ‘. Conquering tribes from Assyrians and Babylonians, Arabians, Romans, Egyptians, the Chinese to the British and the Portuguese all invaded India with one goal – to take advantage of the rich, natural wealth and for Indian spices. The earliest written record in India on Spices is the venerable Vedas – such as the Rig Veda (around 6000 BC), and the others – Yajurveda , Sama and Atharva.

During the Vedic period, information was primarily was handed down orally from generation to generations through the medium of hymns. The Rig Veda contains references to various spices such as horseradish – a close relation of Mustard and Turnip. There are also references to Black Pepper in the Yajur Veda. These are but few of the spices in the natural expanse of the subcontinent – in the mountain, swamps, riverines, tropical rain forests, wetlands, marshy woodlands, rich valleys, green fields in a pollution-free, & eco-friendly environment. The history of Indian spices lies in the abundance & goodness that mother nature has blessed it with and made it so popular world wide.

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